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I forgot my password.

Click here to create an account or click here to reset your password.

I am the NRCA voting representative. Can other people from my company use the app?

Yes. Member companies have unlimited downloads of the app. Employees of member companies only need to have registered on NRCA's website with a username and password and use that same information to sign into the app.

What does the app offer me?

NRCA has made its most popular publications available free of charge to its members through NRCA tablet app. The same publications, in addition to older publications, also are available in PDF format on NRCA's website or via the NRCA smartphone app, "NRCA mobile."

I tried to create a login using my email address, but I received an error message that said: "This email address is already registered."

NRCA's website and app share the same user information. Therefore, if you have an online account, your username and password will be the same for the digital edition.

I have already linked my account. Do I have to enter my account information each time I want to access my digital edition?

No. Once you link your account, you may simply sign in with your username and password to enjoy the benefits of the app.

Can I read NRCA publications without the app?

Yes. All publications in the app are available in PDF format on NRCA's website. In addition, you can purchase hard copies of any of the publications through NRCA's bookstore.

Do I need an Internet connection to access the app?

To download the publications, you will need either a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. All publications are available to read offline once they have been downloaded to your device. However, an Internet connection is required for some content, and Wi-Fi is recommended.

I am having problems with my NRCA app.

You may need to restart the application. If you continue to have problems, please contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at info@nrca.net.

How do I get new or updated publications to automatically download?

On your tablet, go to "Settings," click on the "Store" tab and slide "Automatic Downloads" to the "on" position. You will receive an alert as soon as an updated publication is available.

Can I share content with others?

Yes. All documents are live, allowing you to share content via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, text messages and email.

Whom do I contact if I'm still having trouble with the NRCA app?

You can contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at info@nrca.net.

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