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A roofing company with a professional trainer is positioned to increase the company's profitability by enhancing and expanding its workforce. To help your trainers improve their training skills and become more effective, NRCA has developed a Qualified Trainer Conference, a state-of-the-art, three-day classroom and hands-on educational program that gives them the tools they need to be exceptional trainers.

After successful participation in NRCA's Qualified Trainer Conference, your company's Qualified Trainer will be prepared to:

  • Implement NRCA's training and certification programs.
  • Conduct engaging training sessions designed to help installers learn about roof systems and their installations.
  • Coach installers to develop their installation skills.
  • Guide installers through NRCA's online and hands-on training programs and activities.
  • Track installers' training efforts.
  • Champion the training function at his or her company.

Ideal candidates to become NRCA Qualified Trainers are:

  • Experienced or interested in developing training competency
  • Knowledgeable about roof system installation
  • Able to or willing to learn how to navigate an online environment
  • Empowered by their companies to facilitate training experiences with installers

With the prospect of workforce shortages continuing in the roofing industry, companies need to ensure they are maximizing the productivity of every employee. By offering exceptional worker training to new hires and midcareer workers, you will help retain existing employees and attract new ones.

Training is a critical component of improving employee quality and productivity. Not only will new hires be up and running faster, but they also will know you are investing in their futures, so they can enjoy a successful career with your company and in the roofing industry.

The benefits of having a company training program include:

  • Formalized curriculum will enable your new employees to be productive faster.
  • Implementing standardized best practices means less installation problems and callbacks.
  • Increased productivity results in consistency of installation and completing more jobs using your existing workforce.
  • Career enhancement provides current, experienced employees the opportunity to learn another roofing discipline(s).
  • All these things lead to lower costs, higher revenue and improved profitability for your company.

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