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Nations Roof announces relocation of National Service Center to Mobile, Ala.

NRCA member Nations Roof, Lithia Springs, Ga., the fourth largest commercial roofing contractor in the U.S., has announced it will be relocating its National Service Center to Mobile, Ala.

The relocation allows Nations Roof to expand its National Service Center, as well as add resources to its growing Business Development Center to better support its 28 U.S. locations.

"We looked at demographics," said Nations Roof CEO Rich Nugent to a group assembled at the company's Mobile office. "We looked at the feeder colleges, the labor pool, of course cost of living and things like that. And over every single research criteria, Mobile came out on top."

The Nations Roof office in Mobile was the result of a 2016 merger with Kiker Roofing, which has been serving Lower Alabama customers since 1979. Nations Roof will maintain its current facility serving local and regional roofing needs with its sheet metal shop and yard in Mobile. In addition, construction has begun at a nearby building that will house the office for Nations Roof's National Service Center and Business Development Center.



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