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NRCA members rescue family during supply-drop flight to Bahamas

NRCA members Rob Kornahrens, Advanced Roofing Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Rob Foote, Frank H. Furman Inc., Pompano Beach, Fla., recently organized a mission to help families affected by Hurricane Dorian, which devastated the Bahamas last week.

Kornahrens and Foote organized a trip to deliver relief to families of The Grand Bahama Children’s Home, a foster home for underprivileged children in Freeport. Diapers, blankets, sheets, bug repellent, water, food, clothing and other daily essentials were among the supplies delivered. The Foote family, Kornahrens and others own the plane used for the delivery; the plane typically is used to travel to the Bahamas for vacations but was temporarily adapted as a makeshift supply plane.

Hurricane Dorian hovered over the Bahamian Islands for 36 hours with sustained winds of 185 mph and gusts exceeding 220 mph. Storm surges topped 23 feet in some areas, and many people found the crawl spaces of their attics to be the last remaining shelter.

One such family had been brought to the airport by friends but were unable to get on a flight. After hearing the family’s story, the supply plane crew quickly decided to rescue the family, who survived only by hiding out in their attic for 24 hours after 19-foot-high waters engulfed their home. The family boarded the plane with their four surviving dogs and flew to safety in South Florida, where they have a home in Plantation, Fla.

“When the aircraft left the ground, the family became emotional and vowed to never come back to the place where they experienced terror beyond their comprehension,” Foote says.

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For information about how other NRCA members can help Hurricane Dorian survivors in the Bahamas, contact Rob Kornahrens via Kim at KimC@advancedroofing.com or Rob Foote via Kimmi at Kimmi@furmaninsurance.com.


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