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NRCA's Technical Services Section is responsible for coordinating and developing NRCA's technical activities and research programs. Directed by NRCA's Technical Operations Committee, which establishes NRCA's technical programs and priorities, the Technical Services Section provides technical support to NRCA members and the roofing industry.

NRCA's technical activities are conducted by seven NRCA technical committees and task forces. This year, 28 volunteer members are contributing their time and expertise to NRCA's technical efforts.

The technical information contained on NRCA's website is adapted from various technical publications written by NRCA's technical committees, task forces and technical services staff. Additional information periodically will be added to this section, so please visit it frequently. If you are looking for roofing-related technical information not available on NRCA's website, call NRCA's Technical Services Section at (847) 299-9070.

Technical search

Search NRCA's glossary of roofing terms. Search for information by roofing term or browse by letter.

In addition, NRCA offers a technical library with thousands of roofing-related articles. Search for information by keyword, author, title or source.

NRCA roofing manuals

NRCA's roofing manuals provide best industry practices and technical information concerning the design, materials and installation of roof systems. They present time-tested, best-practice guidelines for roofing buildings and other enclosed structures that have been collected by NRCA from knowledgeable, practicing roofing contractors located throughout the U.S. 

Consumer information

NRCA provides a wide range of information and services to help homeowners and building owners make informed decisions about replacing and maintaining their roof systems. Consumers can search for a roofing contractor or find answers to technical questions.

Shop-fabricated edge metal flashing

NRCA has conducted extensive testing using ANSI/SPRI ES-1 of various edge metal flashing profiles that are usually shop fabricated. This testing provides roofing professionals who fabricate edge metal flashings in their own sheet metal shops a means of supplying edge metal flashings that comply with ANSI/SPRI ES-1.

Technical services staff

NRCA's Technical Services Section is composed of the following staff members. Click on a name for contact information, a brief biography and links to their Professional Roofing articles. 

Technical Services

Building codes and standards

NRCA provides detailed information about building codes and standards, including links to code groups and standards organizations. In addition, read Professional Roofing articles that address roofing-related provisions in the I-Codes® and standards' provisions and standards' development and application in the roofing industry.

Technical Consulting

Whether you have a question about how to properly install, maintain or repair a specific roof system or want advice on a project, NRCA members can call NRCA's Technical Section for direct help at (800) 323-9545.

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