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Building codes and standards

Building codes

Building codes are performance and prescriptive requirements for building construction—including roof systems—that are established and enforced by state or local government agencies to ensure public safety, health and welfare in commercial and industrial buildings. Individual state and federal government agencies generally are free to adopt their own codes; however, most adopt model building codes that are developed and maintained by one of the following model code groups:


Standards prescribe levels of acceptability or approved modes to be used in building construction (including roof systems) as bases of comparison. Test standards prescribe test methods and, sometimes, minimum acceptable results. Rating standards establish measurement methods to ensure similar products can be compared on the same bases. Design standards are minimum criteria that are applied to particular aspects of building and/or roof system design. The following are standards organizations that maintain standards affecting the roofing industry. Also, links are provided to Professional Roofing articles discussing standards' provisions and standards' development and application in the roofing industry.

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