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NRCA operates with a board of up to 48 directors and nine Executive Committee officers. Each director serves a three-year term, and up to 16 directors are elected each year. NRCA's Executive Committee is composed of the chairman of the board, chairman of the board-elect, immediate former chairman of the board and six vice chairmen. The chairman of the board, chairman of the board-elect and immediate former chairman of the board serve one-year terms, and all vice chairmen serve two-year terms. The chairman of the board-elect succeeds the chairman of the board. Terms begin June 1 to coincide with NRCA's fiscal year, and elections are held annually during NRCA's convention and exhibit.

The board of directors and Executive Committee develop NRCA policies. Committees, appointed by the NRCA chairman of the board, create and recommend programs and services for the association. Committee recommendations are subject to the board of directors' or executive committee's approval. Task forces are assigned specific tasks for a given subject and disband when their tasks are complete.

Nominations for NRCA officers and directors are received from individual members and local, state and regional roofing contractor associations affiliated with NRCA. NRCA's Nominating Committee presents a slate of new officers and directors at the member meeting during NRCA's annual convention and exhibit.

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