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Melody Camp

Melody Camp Group

Melody Camp earned her MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. She has served as vice president for Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group and Harris Bank. She also has been an adjunct professor in organizational development at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and is the founder and director of Smart Computing and an organizational consultant.

Camp helps organizations work in their areas of need. Specialties include strategic planning, corporate culture development, management development and conflict resolution. She is a coach for management teams on effective communication and employee involvement.

For the future executives, Camp will begin to build a group culture at the first meeting following the kick-off dinner. The next morning she will delve into personal and professional development by facilitating a program on self-management skills and the ability to relate with other people. All people develop these skills to varying levels, and the Future Executives Institute is an ideal forum to be purposeful and deliberate in this area.

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