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Membership in NRCA is widely recognized as a mark of commitment to and achievement in your chosen field. And NRCA represents all segments of the roofing industry, including contractors; manufacturers; distributors; architects; consultants; engineers; building owners; and city, state and government agencies. NRCA is an advocate for roofing contractor firms of all sizes and is committed to serving residential and commercial roofing contractors nationwide. In fact, 54 percent of NRCA members do both residential and commercial work.

NRCA pledges to provide you with invaluable member services to help you achieve a competitive advantage, as well as programs, products and services to improve and protect your interests, including:
  • The latest news and information about late-breaking industry developments

  • Technical programs, safety training, professional development and other educational opportunities, including online training and accredited programs

  • Priority and unlimited access to NRCA's expert staff

  • Representation before the federal government in Washington, D.C., and with officials from OSHA, DOT, EPA, NLRB and other government agencies to fight proposals that would adversely affect your business

  • Assistance to grow your business
Powerful things happen when the roofing industry unites. Join today and begin realizing the benefits of your investment immediately. You'll be glad you did!

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Questions about membership? Contact NRCA's Membership Department at membership@nrca.net or (800) 323-9545.

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